Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane?!... pretty much, and yes!

one walks like a bird, and the other is indeed a plane, albeit a VTOL one

i thought i'd show you guys my recent painting projects, as i havent been posting for a while, no real excuse, just didnt have anything cool to show off! :D

firstly, ive basically finished my sentinel for calneage (its still puzzling people why ive taken a plasma cannon to a small arms fight, but all will be revealed)

i think the paint scheme works well, it transferres between my troops and tanks nicely, with small patches of blue/grey breaking up the mainly dark grey. keeps a steady theme, whilst not overdoing it wit the blue (the original camo scheme i intended to do was so utterly busy and not very effective)

i havent decided yet quite what to place in the compartment space at the back of the sentinal, the box supplied looks a little simple, i'll have a rummage around in the bitz box tommorrow.
you can't see from this angle but the pilot of the sentinal has a "Horizon" view inspired by current aircraft on his joystick (its so simple to do, bottom half bestial brown, top half ice blue)

and onto my favourite vehicle (despite its unnervingly short lifespan on the table, every game it shows up in, its destroyed the turn it arrives! - i hate hydras... on the other team of course!)
THE VULTURE, or in my roster as "Green Eagle 1"

ive changed the colour scheme since it was last pictured, its now a lighter shade of grey all over (ive decided to do all aircraft and aircrew fortress grey rather than white) and have the 88th blue/grey nose

the eagle eyed readers will notice the "Iron Halo" flying base i think it looks sweet! although its nowhere near finished. i will inform you that this is in fact the original forgeworld vulture, so it took me and afternoon with a dremel to make the damn thing sit on a new flying stand... i also have to order another flying stand for my second valkyrie yet to be built.
the green bands on the tail designate the squadron as Green squadron, as will my valkyries, and stormtroopers (Borlina Air Servicemen)

and here you can see the pilot is also given a green band to tie him in

all i have to do now, is lighten the skin tone of my pilots (they dont need sun tans anymore!) check over the craft for any missed details (i imagine there are lots!!) finish off the cockpit, and wash over the vehicle in badab black. it may need some highlighting after that to make it look nice.
nextpost, i will probably showcase the interior of my valkyrie, along with some progress shots of my conscripts (WOOOOOOOOOOOO!! they love to die!! and look good doing it) and possibly some other squads that are coming together.
cheers for now!
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The Lucky 88th History

The Lucky 88th

The Royal planet of Borlina is just off the Cadian gate, once a thriving hive planet with a high percentage of royal and rich descendants from Terra itself. Now a diseased, war torn hell hole, home to a twisted secret the Inquisition would rather not recount.

The Curse of Borlina

During a Chaos incursion (Blood & Bile of the Rich Invasion 960.M41) Inquisitor Payne ordered the Orbital Bombardment of the entire planet, choosing Viral Bombing as the means of execution of the foul beasts and corrupted Governors.
Unfortunately the Borlina PDFs were also sentenced to death, whilst deeply in conflict with the Chaos forces.
Under pressure from Inquisitor Rayvenn (of the Black Storm), Inquisitor Payne mercifully ordered areas with high concentrations of loyal forces to be bombed with a weaker strain of the virus. Whilst the planet was bombed with Virus 1, a highly corrosive airborne agent which subsides after 1 day. Virus 13 (a Plague like virus with no corrosive element) was deemed legal for use over loyalist troops, who were forewarned, advised to find cover and don gas equipment. Low on supplies, deep in conflict and without gas equipment the lucky 88th miraculously fought off Virus 13 as if it was a bad case of flu.


A nearby Commissariat fleet jumped at the opportunity to put together their own personal force and made planet fall to gather together the pockets of loyal troops into a fighting regiment. This proved quite difficult, requiring the aid of the nearby Space Marine chapters (“Dragon Marines” and “Black Storm”) to seek out loyal forces.

The largest surviving regiment had barricaded themselves in the Master Palace, which impressed the commissariat no end, for it was a disease ridden nightmare, the very palace itself was a Nurgle infested monstrocity.
Having already adopted the name “Lucky 88th” due to the large amount of survivors from the 88th regiment the troops added a Lucky Ace symbol to their armour and vehicles, much to the annoyance of the commissariat who view it as graffiti and unofficial. In return the more senior commissars keep their gas-masks on when in combat to stir anger into the men, making them fight harder for the injustice caused to them. Lower Commissars tend not to test such practises, wary of the men turning on them when cut off from high command.

Recruitment: The Virus Run

Any outsider coming into contact with any surviving member of the Borlina virus attacks must first be inoculated from the infectious version of the virus which can be fatal to weaker immune systems. New Recruits however are not so lucky. Firstly they are put through a year of heavy training wearing gas masks. Graduation into the Lucky 88th is only complete after a gruelling month fighting through the Virus Run, a heavily infected area of the former Borlingrav Palace, now a Bastion of pestilence and disease. The survivors of this infamous death zone gain the respect of the rest of the regiment, except for the veterans who hate all outsiders including the commissariat.