Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Time for an unfeasably large Chainsaw!!

I I thought I'd just share with you my latest model - ready for the upcoming

Lord Inquisitor Payne

He's still got a couple of details needing picking out, some bright lights, the screen on his auspex, and the gold writing all over his hood and clothing needs picking out.
His cloak is actually more blue than I intended, Its Codex Grey, with an Asurmen Blue Wash, followed by a Badab Black wash. so I'm considering giving it another Black wash or 2 to bring it down to a very dark blue like I intended, although I'm actually coming around to the blue. so maybe I won't lol.

Also for a bit of a laugh, i climbed into the loft to fish out my old Reaver Titan I'd built years and years ago. I figured if it was in a useable state i might bring him along to the Borlingrav game this weekend. Although as you can see, he isn't.
non of his limbs are attached, and his legs are looking pretty short (how youth makes things look amazing!)
For more thing's i've been working on, check out Hive Splinter Borlin

With Borlingrav so close, i've been in full painting mode

Vehicles, Terrain, Infantry

Yes it's all in various stages of painting... hopefully i'll get it all done by friday evening...

Cheers for dropping by.


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

DDWG's Attack! 2010 - A Roving Report

Hi All!

The weekend just gone was Attack! 2010 our local wargame group's convention.

As usual there were tons of traders, our bring and buy, competitions, demonstration games and participation games.

As a fully paid member of DDWG i couldn't take part in the 40k competition like i did last year, so this year I donned the club's "red Shirt" (one of us.... one of us....) grabbed a camera and became a roving reporter... sort of.

a demo game in the canteen

The lads tuck into some lunch after a hard morning's sell!

This game looked fun, based in the Weird War universe, various World war II tanks take on a single walker (I believe it only lost once or twice all weekend...)
Marking the 70th anniversary of the battle of britain, a large participation game was being demonstrated, based in the Solent.

The ever popular Wings Of War was being played in the canteen, this always proves to be crowd pleaser, in part because of the simple rules system and quick gameplay, but also the enthusiasm of the guys running it.

Lots of historical games were being fought over the weekend, including this absolutely huge gaming table

Day one:

Day 2:
Another historical game

This game certainly caught my eye, a skirmish game set in the wild west, trechery and gunfights were plentiful. In this picture you may notice one particularly evil character dragging a wounded opponent into the path of a stampeding wagon.

Heres a closer look :D

The 40k Competition Raged on, in this picture: a particularly nasty Double Punisher, Double Hydra, Manticore, mechanised IG list obliterates all the sisters of battle in its path.

one of our younger lad's tyranid army rampages around some open fields

towards some rather scary looking thunderwolves

Which I managed to grab a photo of later on. they are Rat-Ogre type thingies. after chatting with the owner, he said he's decided to change their colour to remove the "rat image" and make them more werewolfey, although personally I think they are inspired as is.

the game boards were 3 abreast, encouraging much chatting and a friendly atmosphere

Plenty of alcohol flowed at the competitions, many participants bought (4 pint) jugs of beer along to each game despite feeling slightly rough from the previous night out.

Another space wolf army (there were lots of them this year) takes residence in a building.

Some Alcoholic product placement!

These gorgeously painted Daemons couldn't be missed.

Flames of War was a popular entry this year

The Fog Of War Competition was definately busy.

This was a fun looking game, it encorperated all sorts of miniatures from various companies, fighting in a future apocalyptic universe against militant factions.

A Fantastical Skirmish demo game was heavily populated by terrain and monsters.

I personally had a great time chatting with everyone, both at the show and afterwards in the pub.

here's a handy PDF file detailing the winners of all the events and some more info about our club

I took the opportunity to grab some discounted GW stuff - spray paints, templates, and of course, plenty of models! (coming to a hive splinter near you!) I also grabbed some terrain from some of the other traders, which I'm planning to use at the upcoming Borlingrav game.

Cheers for dropping by!



The Lucky 88th History

The Lucky 88th

The Royal planet of Borlina is just off the Cadian gate, once a thriving hive planet with a high percentage of royal and rich descendants from Terra itself. Now a diseased, war torn hell hole, home to a twisted secret the Inquisition would rather not recount.

The Curse of Borlina

During a Chaos incursion (Blood & Bile of the Rich Invasion 960.M41) Inquisitor Payne ordered the Orbital Bombardment of the entire planet, choosing Viral Bombing as the means of execution of the foul beasts and corrupted Governors.
Unfortunately the Borlina PDFs were also sentenced to death, whilst deeply in conflict with the Chaos forces.
Under pressure from Inquisitor Rayvenn (of the Black Storm), Inquisitor Payne mercifully ordered areas with high concentrations of loyal forces to be bombed with a weaker strain of the virus. Whilst the planet was bombed with Virus 1, a highly corrosive airborne agent which subsides after 1 day. Virus 13 (a Plague like virus with no corrosive element) was deemed legal for use over loyalist troops, who were forewarned, advised to find cover and don gas equipment. Low on supplies, deep in conflict and without gas equipment the lucky 88th miraculously fought off Virus 13 as if it was a bad case of flu.


A nearby Commissariat fleet jumped at the opportunity to put together their own personal force and made planet fall to gather together the pockets of loyal troops into a fighting regiment. This proved quite difficult, requiring the aid of the nearby Space Marine chapters (“Dragon Marines” and “Black Storm”) to seek out loyal forces.

The largest surviving regiment had barricaded themselves in the Master Palace, which impressed the commissariat no end, for it was a disease ridden nightmare, the very palace itself was a Nurgle infested monstrocity.
Having already adopted the name “Lucky 88th” due to the large amount of survivors from the 88th regiment the troops added a Lucky Ace symbol to their armour and vehicles, much to the annoyance of the commissariat who view it as graffiti and unofficial. In return the more senior commissars keep their gas-masks on when in combat to stir anger into the men, making them fight harder for the injustice caused to them. Lower Commissars tend not to test such practises, wary of the men turning on them when cut off from high command.

Recruitment: The Virus Run

Any outsider coming into contact with any surviving member of the Borlina virus attacks must first be inoculated from the infectious version of the virus which can be fatal to weaker immune systems. New Recruits however are not so lucky. Firstly they are put through a year of heavy training wearing gas masks. Graduation into the Lucky 88th is only complete after a gruelling month fighting through the Virus Run, a heavily infected area of the former Borlingrav Palace, now a Bastion of pestilence and disease. The survivors of this infamous death zone gain the respect of the rest of the regiment, except for the veterans who hate all outsiders including the commissariat.