Saturday, 16 October 2010

Lacerta Campaign

After calneage a few weeks back, I got the gaming bug again and have been thinking up some ideas to spice up our local gaming group's meets. I think a nice Map campaign is in order, this way we can gain some "overall" feel of all our little games, and have a visual representation of our progress.

I'm looking for some input on the scenarios and rewards, so let me know what you think.

This small planet is situated on a large eliptical orbit around Borlina, just off the cadian gate. believed to be an old hunting range used by the dignitaries of borlina, the planet is now overgrown and full of alien creatures, devoid of inteligent lifeforms because no smart creature would ever set foot upon its wild surface.

A transmission has been recieved from the planet, resembling the hallmarks of a space marine force in need of assistance. Greatly confused by this transmission, the grand Tsar of borlina has commisioned a recue force to locate and recover the stricken astartus.

The Campaign
Each game will represent the increasing presence of opposing forces, starting with small reconnaisance excursions, leading up to full scale wars.

This is a Map based campaign, with the map divided into hexagonal segments or "Sectors".

The aim of the game is to uncover secret objectives on the map, Each Sector has a corresponding envelope detailing any special rules that the segment awards the owning players. these are sealed until a player's force moves onto a new Sector.

Some sectors allow the player to modify the game rules, for example, allowing the player to seize the initiative on a 5+ instead of just a 6.

The opposing player may decline these modifications, but no map based gains can be gained by this player for winning this game, apart from moving his force onto an already owned sector.

Games 1 to 4 will determine players base camps and force locations.

Game 5 onwards is the players' choice to arrange games.

Moving around the map
Every game played gives you a "move" on the map (this is to encourage more gaming, and rewards players who game often, whilst not requiring everyone else to keep up)

If you won The game, a "move" allows your force to move 1 segement on the Map and pick up the corresponding envelope.

If you lost the game, you may only move onto an already owned sector.

Arranging games
You may challenge any opponent in the campaign, even if your forces are nowhere near each other. the game must be no larger than 2000 points a side however, representing transportation difficulties.

When 2 forces are in adjacent sectors, they may play a game up to 3000 points a side.

When 2 forces are on the same sector, an apocalypse game may be played.

Note these games can be played with as many players as you like, but total forces on each side must equal the game limits. (so 4 players in a 2000 point game, each player gets 1000points)
apocalypse games however, have no limits (obviously)

Stealing Sectors
To steal an opponent's sector (and the corresponding bonus) a 500 point combat patrol game must be played (calneage rules) The winner of this game may steal one envelope from his opponent.

aternatively you may agree before the game to "wager a sector" effectively betting a sector (or 2) each, with the winner taking them.

Making Planetfall and Setting up Base camp

before the map is presented, players need to pair up with an opposing commander, the first 4 games are played between these same players.

Game 1: Fog of War (200pts)

The forces have made planetfall and are performing routine recon operations

Played as Battle Mission's Kill team scenario. Night fight scenario for entire game. No HQ choices allowed.

Game 2: Seize Control (200+500pts)

A patrol force has been dispatched to aid the recon team and Seize control of the area to construct a forward command post.

players take a 500 point "Combat Patrol Force" (no special characters, no vehicles with more than total armour of 33, no 2+ saves, no wounds above 2 except for swarms) FO: 0HQ, 2E, 4T 1T mandatory, 2FA, 1HS

dawn of war deployment, Seize ground mission (2 objectives) once you have seized the enemy's objective, you gain your kill team force in reserve
Winner of Game 1 may deploy 1 unit from the original kill team force within 3" of the objective once it is held, this unit counts as deep striking.

Game 3: Base Camp (200+500+300)

1st Command has made planet fall and is heading to the unfinished forward command post.

Players must add 1 HQ to their existing force and make the force up to 1000points in total (i.e they may add/change upgrades to existing units or add more units - units may not be removed)

FO: (1HQ mandatory, 3E, 6T 1T mandatory, 3FA, 3HS)

Scenario: 1 large ruin in the centre of the table (around 12"x12") represents the unfinished comand post. Winner of Game 2 sets up inside the command post excepting the HQ which must start in reserve along with any other reserves. Other player may set up anywhere on the table keeping 18" away from the command post.

Player with the most victory points inside the command post at the end of the game wins. units with less than 50% of models inside of the building are counted but have their victroy points halved, as do units who are entirely on the outside of the building but are engaged with a unit which has models inside the building.

Game 4: First Strike

Having siezed the initiative, the command post brings in fresh troops and forges ahead, clearing the surrounding areas.

Winner of Game 3 may choose an entirely new force which uses the standard FO and totals 1500 points.
Other player may only add 500 points of new units. this must make the force conform to the standard FO (i.e some players may need to add an extra troops choice)

Spearhead deployment (table quarters) Anihilation scenario

The winners of game 3 have now set up a base camp on the planet, these are now placed on the campaign map.

if a player has won game 3 and 4, their base camp is considered "Safe". enemy forces may not deploy in the segments adjacent to this camp.

if a player lost game 3, but won game 4, they may deploy "in combat" with their last opponents base camp.

Game 5+
These games may be played with any forces of the player's choosing any mission type or deployment is allowed, as long as the points limits

Any spearhead game allows the winning players to move 2 spaces on the map.

Any Apocalypse game gives the winning players a second "force" on the map, this starts on the same segment as your existing force.

In a Cityfight game, the losing player must move their force back a sector and lose the bonus for the segment they were last on.

Battle Missions
If you play an army specific mission as the correct army and win, you gain a strategic asset in future apocalypse games, this must be picked before the next apocalypse game, and will remain the same every apocalypse game.
If you win an army specific mission against the corresponding army, you gain preferred enemy against that player's forces in future apocalypse games.

Looking forward to hearing some more cool ideas from anyone else. the more fun and fluffy the better.

some new models to come on both here and hive splinter borlin, i'll try to get on it tonight.




The Lucky 88th History

The Lucky 88th

The Royal planet of Borlina is just off the Cadian gate, once a thriving hive planet with a high percentage of royal and rich descendants from Terra itself. Now a diseased, war torn hell hole, home to a twisted secret the Inquisition would rather not recount.

The Curse of Borlina

During a Chaos incursion (Blood & Bile of the Rich Invasion 960.M41) Inquisitor Payne ordered the Orbital Bombardment of the entire planet, choosing Viral Bombing as the means of execution of the foul beasts and corrupted Governors.
Unfortunately the Borlina PDFs were also sentenced to death, whilst deeply in conflict with the Chaos forces.
Under pressure from Inquisitor Rayvenn (of the Black Storm), Inquisitor Payne mercifully ordered areas with high concentrations of loyal forces to be bombed with a weaker strain of the virus. Whilst the planet was bombed with Virus 1, a highly corrosive airborne agent which subsides after 1 day. Virus 13 (a Plague like virus with no corrosive element) was deemed legal for use over loyalist troops, who were forewarned, advised to find cover and don gas equipment. Low on supplies, deep in conflict and without gas equipment the lucky 88th miraculously fought off Virus 13 as if it was a bad case of flu.


A nearby Commissariat fleet jumped at the opportunity to put together their own personal force and made planet fall to gather together the pockets of loyal troops into a fighting regiment. This proved quite difficult, requiring the aid of the nearby Space Marine chapters (“Dragon Marines” and “Black Storm”) to seek out loyal forces.

The largest surviving regiment had barricaded themselves in the Master Palace, which impressed the commissariat no end, for it was a disease ridden nightmare, the very palace itself was a Nurgle infested monstrocity.
Having already adopted the name “Lucky 88th” due to the large amount of survivors from the 88th regiment the troops added a Lucky Ace symbol to their armour and vehicles, much to the annoyance of the commissariat who view it as graffiti and unofficial. In return the more senior commissars keep their gas-masks on when in combat to stir anger into the men, making them fight harder for the injustice caused to them. Lower Commissars tend not to test such practises, wary of the men turning on them when cut off from high command.

Recruitment: The Virus Run

Any outsider coming into contact with any surviving member of the Borlina virus attacks must first be inoculated from the infectious version of the virus which can be fatal to weaker immune systems. New Recruits however are not so lucky. Firstly they are put through a year of heavy training wearing gas masks. Graduation into the Lucky 88th is only complete after a gruelling month fighting through the Virus Run, a heavily infected area of the former Borlingrav Palace, now a Bastion of pestilence and disease. The survivors of this infamous death zone gain the respect of the rest of the regiment, except for the veterans who hate all outsiders including the commissariat.